Final Wilderness Explorer logo design, with a render of Russell's backpack for design application.        WE MERIT BADGES  Russell wears a sash that is covered with 47 Wilderness Explorer merit badges, with one open space for the "assisting the elderly" badge that he is attempting to complete by helping Carl.  The ideas for the badges were hatched in a jam session with several of the story team artists.  As you can see in these and the following- we had 185 badge concepts to choose from. (And yes, each one has it's own meaning.)
       Once narrowed down to the final badges, placement and color coordination began.
Russell wbadges.jpg
 The final 47 badges.        WE MANUAL  Referencing old scout manuals, alongside my own memories of being a cub, webelo and boy scout, I wanted to distill all of those types of ideas into the design of Russell's WE manual cover.
 Final cover design.     At one point in the story, Russell was going to explain the jet stream to Carl using a spread from his Manual.
jet stream spread.jpg
 WE GPS Interface/display.
 Russel's candybar.        SODA BOTTLE CAPS.  At the beginning of the film young Ellie, has fashioned several pins or medals out of soda bottle caps and initiates Carl into her club of two by pinning him with the Grape Soda cap.
Young Ellie.jpg
 Round 1.
 Final grape soda cap with Carl.
 Finally, at the end of the film, Carl pins it onto Russell, naming it... the Ellie badge.
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