TOY STORY HOTEL  The main entrance to the Toy Story themed hotel at Disneyland Shanghai. Concept: Hotel visitors are toy sized- and are entering through an open 11 ft tall TS themed toy package- complete with a window on one side (to view the packaged toys) for guest photo opportunities.
 Created character "shield" grouping for TSH to be used on signage and merchandise.  All characters are individually illustrated.
 Test to determine rendering style for character illustrations.
 Layout color variation- showing human silhouettes for scale. (along with photo op window detail).
 Earlier vintage 2 color printing on cardboard concept.     Since the artwork would need to be legible from a distance as well as up close- we had to determine a balance between the painted style of classic toy packaging and the images being character correct and immediately recognizable.
tsh paint detail.jpg
 Jessie painting detail.   
 2/3rds view.
 Final art: "Front" view with photo op window.
 Final art: Back of box view.
 Top of box view.
 Entrance with open "flaps" view.        LOTSO SHOP  Backlit acrylic signage for merchandise store within the TSH hotel.
 Early concepts when store was to be themed around  ToyStory  characters Rex & Hamm.     Final sign (top) and early concepts for the store's final theme/character Lotso from  ToyStory 3.
       DISNEY'S ANIMAL KINGDOM  Wall decoration for  Discovery Island  area..
3 top.jpg
3 bot.jpg
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