Concept art for the back of the Mag Glove prop.
 Concept art for the palm of the Mag Glove prop.
 Finished Mag Glove prop on set & in film.     CLOUD NINE SODA  Cloud 9 Soda became a visual through-line for the film.  The design of the bottle and vending machine helps establish the 70's time period at the beginning- and the transition, with the updated brand, to modern times for the remainder of the film.
cloud nine bottlecap blue and red.jpg
 Cloud nine bottles and can mockups.
 Backlit sign for the 1970s Cloud 9 vending machine.   
 Physical soda vending machine with backlit plastic sign.
 Capped bottles in vending machine.
 The young spy holding/looking at Cloud 9 bottle purchased from the machine.     MAKE UP & COSTUMES  Photoshop makeup and costume design for modern day "old" Spy.
Steve makeup design.jpg
 Costume concepts for Spy & Guy.     MISSILE SILO  Soviet ephemera for missile silo location.
 Missile Silo propaganda poster.
 Wall graphics for missile silo.
 Missile silo countdown clock.     CLOUD 9 SODA (MODERN)  Alternate concepts for present day update of the Cloud 9 cola branding.
    Cloud 9 final labels for print/application to prop bottles.
bottle wraps.jpg
get on it.jpg
 Cloud 9 billboard concepts.
Billboard car lot.jpg
 Tranquilizer graphic on prop & explosives decal.     GADGET MANUALS  Designed 4 weathered/aged instruction manual props for each of Spy's hidden gadgets.
em6 flat.jpg
 "Dart gun".
 Dart gun title page- listing all pieces of the weapon he has to assemble.
 Aged/washed out instructions for dart gun assembly.     DART GUN  Designs for assembled physical prop dart gun.
dart gun.jpg
 Finished Dart Gun prop on set & in film.
 Physical prop cover of used vintage crossword puzzle book.
 Interior spread of puzzle book-for Spy to fill in/get instructions from his superiors.
    Russian missile graphics concepts.
 Finished missile model with applied texture/graphics.
 Plate on side of missile reads:  "May not detonate after: January 1987".
 Graphics wrap for modern day Cloud 9 vending machine.
 Graphics map for buttons/other selections on the modern day Cloud 9 machine.
 Soundtrack cover art.
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