Carl holding up the finished Tepui etching in front of the Paradise Falls location.
 The final image (in the film it receives the addition of a house drawn by Elie Docter. See the first image of this post.)
    Initial sketch of South America map and screen shot of placement, (opposite page from the etching in Ellie's book) during layout 
 Final South of America map rendering.
 An early round of design as we determined the overall look and level of detail that Carl and Ellie's tickets would have.
 The final two tickets.
    EPHEMERA for CARL's HOUSE  Letters, postcard backs and a screen shot of the living room shrine, during layout for placement purposes.
  Working from the preproduction sculpt I created the Tepui photograph (lower right) for newspaper and magazine clippings.
 Articles and clippings for the mantle shrine.
 Two postcard fronts (subtle reminders throughout the set of the trips that they never took).
 Magazine covers.
 Loose Change.
 Album and record label.
 Pharmacy receipt and pill bottle labels.
 Layout screen shots of Carl's front foyer and living room for graphics placement.
 Carl's milk carton (opened from the wrong side naturally).
 Carl's cereal box.
 Shady Oaks retirement home: logo for van,  brochure (3D models would later replace the storyboard drawing) and the ID badges for the orderlies. 
 Signage for modern stores that have built up across the street from Carl's house, including models and layout screen shot for placement. The thinking here was to be slick, plastic and generally the antithesis of Carl's aesthetic.
 Carl & Ellie's mailbox.
 Screen shots of the store fronts and mailbox.
 Construction equipment graphics.
 Early billboard concept:  Through the decay that you often see on billboards, we would be able to combine an underlying image with a tattered front to convey the up and out movement.
 Later the thinking was to tie in the billboard with the travel agency/airline where Carl had previously bought his and Ellie's tickets.
 For the final, we ended with a much more simplified version of the airline logo, in a subtle blue (shown with layout screenshot).
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