Bathysphere  Concept, model turns, color and graphics design for bathysphere vehicle.
Bathy interiors.jpg
 Graphics for bathysphere dashboard display.
engine detail.jpg
Ship Turns w_Graphics-F_B.jpg
 Final design render.   
 Shuttle graphics package.        STARSHIP BRIDGE
 Starship bridge workstation/ceiling design.
glass roof.jpg
 Bridge railing concepts.
 Final bridge railing design.
 Bridge railing breakouts.
 Workstation graphics concept.
 Forward viewport/viewscreen concepts.
 Bridge elements breakouts.
 Transponder pod and antenna array sketch and vector concept.        CALL CENTER LOCATION.
 Call center top view layout- showing storyboard camera angles.
 Buck's cubicle design/color assignments.
 Call center location color exploration.
 Buck's call center computer screen graphics.
 Call center ephemera & motivational posters.
 Finished call center location.
 Finished Buck's cubicle/workstation.           PUPPET COSTUMES
 Early space suit/uniform concepts.
 Final costume concepts with assigned character colors.
 Costume guides.
 Space cap guides.
 Costume building process.
 3D print of uniform insignia.
 Final costumes.
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