Concepts for HOD signage.
 Exterior and interior entrance for HOD location.
 Backlit menu boards for HOD concessions stand.
 HOD concessions stand concepts (including backlit signage and motion graphics).
 Jumbo Big Lug Nuts branding.
 Sparkplugs mascot & logo concepts.
 DipSticks brand and signage options.
 Mascot concepts for Nuts 'n Bolts brand.
 Motion graphic elements for Geisha girl ad (Blade Runner homage).
 Billboard concepts.
fast go.jpg
speedy garage.jpg
21 CarsTokyo2-1.jpg
15 lil green & yellow chibis.jpg
 Background chibi and  hello kitty  cars.
 NEON SIGNS  Neon signs with motion/animation.
18  headlights1.jpg
20 domo1.jpg
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